Year 2

In addition to regularly hearing your child read, and to reading and sharing stories with them, you will find these activities and guides useful in helping your Yr 2 child with their learning:

Purple Mash

Home Learning:  w/b      29 June ;    22 June ;    15 June ;   8 June  ;   1 June ;  18 May11 May ;  

Daily English Lessons               Daily Maths Lessons                  Daily Phonics Lessons

Home Learning Bingo activity card - Summer Term- The BBC Bitsize Daily History Lesson 'Who was Neil Armstrong?' will help you with one of these tasks!

Summer Topic The 1960's : Popular Toys and Christmas ToysFashion ;   Music:     The Beatles,          The Beatles' song HelpThe RonettesNancy Sinatra,   The Beach Boys        Artists:     Roy Lichtenstein         Andy Warhole  

Watch Jessie and Friends  (online safety at home), complete the activities and learn the songs with your grown-up - Part 1 ;  Part 2 ; Part 3 ; Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7 ;

Big Maths - Beat It

Hampshire Music Service - KS1 Journey to the Moon  (see more music links on Home page Useful Links)

Home Learning Bingo activity card - Spring 2

ICT Games

Science - Uses of Everyday Materials

Times Tables 

Twinkl Resources

Spot Mr Whoops' Mistakes

Arithmetic Quiz 1 

Arithmetic Quiz 2

Arithmetic Quiz 3

Arithmetic Quiz 4

Arithmetic Quiz 5

Spring Term Topic Newsletter - Differences between a City, a Town and a Village

Autumn Term Topic Newsletter - Could Rhinos ever live in the Arctic?

Homework October 2019 - The Wizard of Oz

Read, Write Inc - Parents' Guide

2T Spelling hints

Change the Verb

Apostrophes and Contractions

Commas for Lists

Commas for Lists 2

Question marks, speech marks and commas

Speech Marks

High Frequency Word Flashcards Yr 1 & Yr 2

Try these SATs papers:

Support your child's Speech and Language  

Learn about Germs, yuk! e-bug

There are more ideas for websites with games, songs, stories and activities under Key Information Links for Parent and on the Federation Home page underUseful Links