Year 1

In addition to regularly hearing your child read, and to reading and sharing stories with them, you will find these activities and guides useful in helping your Yr 1 child with their learning:

NHS - How Best to Wash Your Hands

CBeebies home activities  (Also see the games and activities under Links for Parents)

Purple Mash  

Home Learning: w/b    29 June ;   22 June ;   15 June ;   8 June  ;    1 June ;    18 May ;   11 May ;  

Daily English Lessons                     Daily Maths Lessons          Daily Phonics Lessons

Watch Jessie and Friends (online safety at home), complete the activities and learn the songs with your grown-up - Part 1 ;   Part 2 ;   Part 3 ;   Part 4Part 5Part 6 ;       Part 7 ;

2nd Bingo Activity Sheet - Summer 1

30 Days Wild Bingo Activity Sheet   and    Nature Table

Hampshire Music Service - KS1 Journey to the Moon    YrR & KS1 Raindrops  (see more music links on Home page Useful Links)


ICT Games

Twinkl Resources - Maths Activity Pack    Literacy Common Exception Words 

Creative Writing Ideas - "I wonder ...   what;    if;   whywherehow  ..?" 

Is it a Carnivore, Omnivore or Herbivore?

Reminder - this is in your Home Learning Pack - April bingo sheet of activities

Spot Mr Whoops' Mistakes

Support your child's Speech and Language

Spring 2 Topic Newsletter - Who Would Live on a Ship Like This?

Spring 1 Topic Newsletter - Who Would Live in a House Like This?

Autumn 2 Topic Newsletter -Toys

Autumn 1 Topic Newsletter - Are All Dinosaurs Carnivores?

High Frequency Word Flashcards Yr 1 & Yr 2

Number Patterns worksheet

Number Pattern Sums

Number Words worksheet

One Number More or Less worksheet

Ten Numbers More or Less worksheet


Add Punctuation

Write a Book Review  

BBC Bitesize

Our Top Tips for Reading at Home with Your Child

Key Stage 1 Learning Power Words

Parents' Guide to Read, Write Inc

Reading Book Colour Bands

The Book Trust - check them out! - 

There are more ideas for websites with games, songs, stories and activities under Key Information Links for Parent and on the Federation Home page underUseful Links