Wallisdean Junior School Uniform List and Rules regarding Hair, Jewellery & Make-Up

Please ensure that all children are dressed appropriately for school following this uniform policy.

Day Wear/Uniform:

Red jumper, sweatshirt or cardigan. (With logo preferred, but not essential).

White shirt, blouse or polo shirt.

Grey or black trousers, knee-length skirt or knee-length shorts. (No jeans, leggings or jeggings).

Plain red, black, grey or white socks or tights. (No stripes or patterns).

During Warmer Weather:

Red gingham summer dress may be worn during summer term and up to October half-term.


Red Fleece with School Logo.

Our logoed school wear provider is: SkoolKit or Tesco Embroidery Service.

Red sweatshirts and cardigans without logo available from supermarkets.


Sensible black school shoes should be worn at all times.

No: open toed sandals, heeled shoes, trainers or sports shoes, slip-on shoes.

PE/Sports Kit:

Black shorts.

House colour t-shirt.

Black or white plimsolls or trainers.

In colder weather a plain, dark coloured tracksuit may be worn for outside activities. (No logos).

Please ensure your child has a complete PE/Sports Kit in school at all times.


Red, black, grey or white hair accessories only. (Small bows, small clips or thin, plain ‘school’ headbands).

Long hair must be tied back and long fringes must be clipped back.

Short hairstyles must be appropriate for school with no patterns or tramlines shaved into hair, no extreme haircuts, buzz cuts or grade 1 or coloured hair.


The only jewellery permitted is a small digital or analogue watch (no smart watches or ‘fit’ watches) and small, round studs in the ears. Studs must be removed or taped over for PE lessons.

(Tape to be provided from home please).

Make-Up, Nails and Cosmetic Procedures:

No make-up or nail varnish, false nails or any other semi-permanent procedures to be worn at any time.

If for any reason, your child is unable to follow the schools uniform policy, please contact the school to inform us. If your child does not follow this policy, consequences may include loss of privileges or working in isolation. Wearing incorrect clothing on an educational visit day may result in the child not attending.