Teaching and Curriculum

Remote Education Information

In our Recovery Curriculum, we are aiming to identify gaps from the previous year's learning, whilst at the same time ensuring the current year group expectations are provided.


We will do this through: 

  •  ensuring that children's mental health, wellbeing and social/emotional needs are identified and met 
  •  flexible and adaptive feedback, assessment and teaching 
  •  Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training for all staff to prepare for and deliver the Recovery Curriculum 
  •  our provision for blended learning, where children receive appropriate work during any periods of self-isolation or local lockdown 

Our Curriculum:

Our curriculum is organised into stimulating and engaging topics.

Each half term the children experience something exciting and motivating to hook them into their learning. This ignites their passion to explore and learn.

Each topic leads the children to a final outcome, which not only provides a purpose for their learning, but showcases their achievements. Parents are often invited to these final outcome events to share in their children’s successes and to witness first hand their increasing confidence and independence.

Curriculum Intent Statement.

Link to the National Curriculum.

SMSC and British Values.